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I’m Robin, and I’m a crochet -aholic.  I’m also the author, site owner, photographer, crocheter, and your host here at Imperial Crochet.

DSCN0281I wasn’t always a crazy crochet lady.  In fact, I came to the hobby…  infatuation… okay, obsession, later in life.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  When I was about 10 or 11 years old I self-taught myself a few crochet stitches, made a terribly crooked scarf and then, set my hook, yarn, and the book I used to teach myself, aside.

It wasn’t until my, shall we say,  more mature years that I picked it up again.

With the help of that new-fangled invention known as Youtube, I was able to easily pick up and fly past where I laid my hooks down, and quickly become “hooked” on crochet.

In the beginning… as most newbies do… I made some blankets and scarves.  With each one I crafted, I think I improved just a little bit more and soon I began to feel more confident about the quality of my work until I was ready to start gifting my handmade items to family and friends.

As each of my items found it’s new home I was hearing the recipients say things like, “I love it!, You have a talent for this!, and I hope you’re selling these because if you’re not, you should be.”  After a while, I took the hint and I’ve now opened my very own crochet shop on Etsy.

The Imperial Crochet blog is the sister site to my Etsy Shop of the same name.  This is where I’ll share my newest creations, favorite crochet patterns, crochet business tips and ideas, yarn reviews, interviews with fantastic people who share my enthusiasm for the fiber arts, and all kinds of other amazing stuff that my fellow crochet crafters might enjoy.

I thank you for visiting and whether you’re learning, earning, or simply yearning for all things crochet, like me, I hope you find something you enjoy here!


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