Can I Sell Crochet Items I Made From Your Pattern?


December 28, 2017 by Robin, Avon Rep and Owner at Imperial Crochet

Before we get started I’d like you to know that I don’t design my own crochet patterns… yet.

I do go rouge once in a while while following a pattern but I don’t rewrite, or share these oddities on my blog under the guise of a self-made pattern.

And I don’t ever try to sell these changes as patterns of my own.

And I never will.

That said, as an Etsy shop keeper, I’m always looking for the answer to: Can I sell crochet items I made from your pattern?

Crocheting from a pattern.

Turns out according to this great article at Yarn Obsession, because I live in the USA, and I believe as long as I’m using patterns created in the USA, Yes, I can.

I can NOT sell or recreate your written pattern on my blog or website but I CAN sell my completed crochet pieces made from your pattern.

It’s considered good practice and good manners in the crochet community to share a link and a shout-out to the pattern maker and pattern that was used but it’s not legally required unless the designer has an actual copyright on the pattern.

The UK seems to have stricter laws about using crochet patterns created by others.   I’m not sure how this works in any other countries so you’ll need to do a bit of research yourself if you live elsewhere.

The article goes into the details as to why.  It also shares links to other sites that back up this claim.

AND the comments at the bottom share even more great info that you’ll want to read, learn, and know if you’re someone who sells crochet products and/or patterns.

In my opinion, I still wouldn’t use a pattern to sell things if the designer requests that you only use their pattern for personal use.  It’s just not worth any aggravation that might come of it. I’ll still check, double check, and triple check to find the permissions allowed for any crochet pattern I want to use to create things for my shop but it’s good to know that legally, I won’t be in trouble if I miss something.

You can read the article yourself by visiting: Yes, you can sell crochet pieces made from someone’s pattern!

What do you think?  How do you handle this when crocheting from a pattern created by someone else?  As a designer, do you give written permission to others to sell items made from your pattern?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers.

15 thoughts on “Can I Sell Crochet Items I Made From Your Pattern?

  1. I ran in to this with a Christmas tree skirt. I was making them to list on Etsy and in craft fairs. After I’d already made a couple I noticed at the bottom it says you can sell them at craft fairs and in person but not on Etsy or any other online outlet. It taught me to read patterns very closely.


  2. Emma says:

    This is such an interesting question, thanks for sharing the information. I have shared some patterns for free for amigurumi and I think I’ll try to have some paid for as well this year. I don’t mind people selling objects made from my patterns but I would like to be credited for the design, that’s for sure! I think that it is different when the designer also has an online store selling their creations. I can understand why they wouldn’t want anyone else selling objects they designed if they sell them as well.

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  3. Great post and I enjoyed reading the discussions/comments!

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  4. I saw an interesting one on Instagram (although I can’t remember who it was) – one designer allows people to sell items they make from her patterns, but only if they charge at least a minimum price set by the pattern designer. It seems like a good idea in theory, but I’ve no idea how you would enforce it.


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