Top Tips for Photographing Crochet Items


April 27, 2017 by Robin, Avon Rep and Owner at Imperial Crochet

As some of you already know, I’m knee-deep in crochet photography research.  As a way to keep the best tips I’ve found for taking pictures of crochet items all in one place, I’m creating this post.  It’s mostly for me but I do hope it helps others as well.

Anyway, here’s the links to two blog post articles I found that were really helpful to me.

The First Site


This amazing post has convinced me that I need to, invest in some sort of cute background material, ditch my iPhone camera, dig out my digital camera,  (I have a nice one that I stopped using when I got the iPhone.) and that the natural light on overcast days and in shady spots make for a crochet photographer’s best friend.  Who knew?

The blogger shares photo examples of both her good and bad shots so that you can see exactly what she’s talking about.

Here’s a couple of my own recent photos.  Same shawl, different backgrounds.  Shown indoors and out.  Which do you prefer?


Photo taken indoors.



Photo taken outdoors.

The Second Site


When I found this post, among other things, I learned that my all-white background idea wasn’t such a good one.  The writer suggests that instead of using black or white you should choose colors that are soft, subtle, and complimentary to your item.

Not to completely disagree, because I mostly do agree,  but I have found some great photos online that were taken using a piece of white poster board as the backdrop. I suppose that means that every rule was made to be broken… every once in a while.

She also suggested using a filler, like cotton or wool, or a mannequin, to give your item form if it needs it.

That’s the two sites I’ve found, so far, that I found the most helpful.

If you’re looking to take better photos of your own crochet projects, I recommend you pay them both a visit today.



14 thoughts on “Top Tips for Photographing Crochet Items

  1. MrsCraft says:

    Great links, thank you. I’m trying to up my game with photography. My biggest challenge is light as it’s the evening when I get to take photos usually and artifical light is not as good. Not everything fits in my photography light cube either. It’s a tricky one!


  2. Tami says:

    Hi Robin! The brick wall shot really seems to make the shawl move vibrant. I think it probably is going to be on a project by project basis what looks best. There will be times when a picture with a wall or other props will be best and times when you want a white background to put the focus on the stitches or pattern. 🙂


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