Keeping it Fresh – Does My Crochet Stink?


April 12, 2017 by Robin, Avon Rep and Owner at Imperial Crochet

Home, home on my range.  Where the spices and herb smells all play.

One of the things that has been bothering me about starting my crochet business is… smell.  We cook at my house… a lot.  And we love garlic and onions and peppers and all those other amazing spices and herbs and ingredients that taste so great…  but leave a distinct scent behind long after they’ve been devoured.


What are they feeding you?  No, really.  This is my cat, Sonnie.  He isn’t a smelly cat.

Toss in the cat, all of the DIY projects we do  (we’re currently busy painting walls and refinishing the hardwood floors) and all of the other odor-ific things that happen at my house on a daily basis and it leaves me wondering…

Do my crochet pieces stink?  Are they absorbing all of the odors that we call home, sweet home? Am I the only one who worries about this?  After doing some research online I learned that, no.  I’m not alone with my smelly crochet fears.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do clean and keep my house neat and tidy.  And the cat is NEVER ALLOWED near my yarn stash or me while I’m crocheting.  But… as clean as I can keep it, there’s still odors that creep in from time to time.  And those are the ones I’m worried about.


After reading dozens and dozens of paragraphs at blog posts and all of their accompanying comments, I’ve found three different remedies that I kind of like:

  • Dryer sheets.
  • Baking soda.
  • Clean, fresh air.

I also learned that there’s a huge audience of potential customers who might be allergic or opposed to anything with a heavy chemical or perfume smell.

I’ve decided to test out a couple different methods of smell removal.  I’ve purchased some Meyer’s dryer sheets because they’re made with natural scents, are compost-able, and can be easily ripped in half so hopefully they won’t be too overpowering in the fragrance department.  I’ve chosen the lavender one which has lavender essential oil in it… On it?  I really don’t know how they’re made.

Where I was shopping, (Oh, who am I kidding, I was browsing Amazon. I don’t go out unless I absolutely must.) they also had 3 other scents; Lemon Verbena, Geranium, and curiously enough… Basil.  (Which left me wondering, who wants their laundry to smell like Pesto?)

Any who…

For this test, I’ll simply add a piece of a dryer sheet in with my crochet item before storing it in a plastic bag.

I’ve also purchased an Arm and Hammer baking soda fresh air filter thingy.  It’s meant to be used in your refrigerator but I’m going to stick it on the top of a large plastic storage container where I may keep my items-in-waiting, depending on the outcome of this experiment, before they get ordered and shipped.  Call me mad, but I thought this filter thing would be better than sprinkling each item with baking soda, or even keeping an open box anywhere near my handmade items, but what do I know?

After I receive an order, (fingers crossed) I’m also planning, weather permitting, to hang my pretty crochet things outside in the fresh air for a little while prior to packaging and shipping.

I’m going to try each of the two methods I’ve discussed above (dryer sheets and baking soda) for about a week and then open the stored goods to see what I smell.

I’ll let you know what I discover and which way I prefer when I’m done.

In the meantime…

Do you have a special method that keeps your crochet fresh and sweet smelling?  Do you even worry about this?  Please share your thoughts, ideas and tips in the comments.  Or feel free to call me crazy for even worrying about this!  Either way… as always, I look forward to the conversation with you.




25 thoughts on “Keeping it Fresh – Does My Crochet Stink?

  1. I have had a problem with smelly crochet, but I know it’s derived from my hand lotions. I made a knock off of an old Sophie Digard scarf out of 100% cotton thread. About half way through I noticed that it was starting to smell – bad. Like rancid old lady bad. When I was done with the scarf, I did everything I could think of to get rid of the smell – baking soda, vinegar, woolite and pre-wash spot removers, soaking in detergent for weeks, steaming with an iron and using a scented fabric starch. Nothing worked. Finally after I blocked it I just gave up, folded it with a dryer sheet and put it in a ziplock bag. About two years later I was looking for something and I ran across the scarf, so I gave it a sniff just for kicks. NO SMELL! I’m glad it doesn’t smell anymore, but who needs to go through all that!
    I still have a problem with hand lotions leaving a residue smell on my crochet. I try not to use a lotion if I’m going to crochet, but my hands get so dry! I thought I discovered the culprit lotion and stopped using it, but I’ve found other lotions can leave a smell too (just not as strong, thankfully). If anyone knows of a good hand lotion that won’t leave a smell on your crochet, PLEASE let me know. I currently have two creations soaking in a woolite bath to get rid of the lingering odor.

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