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April 7, 2017 by Robin, Avon Rep and Owner at Imperial Crochet

After ordering some more stuff that I’m going to need to get my new Etsy shop going, I took a business break yesterday and made a couple of cute crochet tiaras for my grandbeauties.

Please don’t tell them.  These are secret princess tiaras that I’m planning to give them on Easter but they turned out SO CUTE that I couldn’t wait to show them off!


OMG!  I love how these cute crochet tiaras turned out.

I created them using a free pattern that I found online at Pinterest.  If you’d like to make some of your own visit: Princess in Disguise Pattern at Traditionally Emily (Thank you for sharing this great easy-to-follow pattern Emily.  My girls are going to go crazy when they see these!)

They’re created using a few simple stitches.  There’s one stitch that might be a little tough in the beginning for a beginner but there’s directions included in the pattern post which makes it simple to learn. (Thanks again, Emily!) And once you get it, it’s smooth sailing all the way to completion.

These are worn by tying them behind the ears like you would do with a scarf or headband.

Of course, I adapted the pattern just a bit by sewing some pretty beads onto the front.  My friend over at Queen of the Girl Geeks gave me the pretty beads to play with.  Thanks Bonnie!  My girls are over the age of three so they’re past the age of these beads becoming a choking hazard but if you’re making one for a young child, I’d leave off the additional decorations.  To be honest, these turn out really cute even without the extra bling.

The gray (silver) one was created using the child size pattern and the white one was made using the adult size pattern.  As you can see, the actual tiara part is exactly the same size.  The only difference between the two is the length of the straps that will be used to tie them onto your head.

I’ll definitely be making more of these because I simply LOVE them and I believe that every woman deserves to wear a crown for all that she does day in and day out.

Not interested in making them yourself?  I’ll be selling these at my Etsy shop (Coming Soon!) once I get it going.

Until next time,

Keep crocheting!

Will you be making any of these cute tiaras?  Tell me about it in the comments below.



9 thoughts on “Cute Crochet Tiaras

  1. Thanks for the mention! The tiara is beautiful.


  2. mishellsoup says:

    These are absolutely adorable!


  3. I make crochet crowns for the kids in my after school program. These would be really cute for them.

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    • Robin says:

      That’s so nice of you to make them crowns Yolanda! These are really quick to make. I’ve started making some with pony beads at the top. They’re cute too!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. kelleysdiy says:

    These are so adorable…wish I had your talent!

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